Metron Garage Partnership

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VBC Cigars of Las Vegas, Nevada announces their New Distributor Partnership with Metron Garage

Victor B. Cohen, President of The VBC Cigars Brand stated:

“We are very excited about our new collaboration with Metron Garage. We believe this partnership is the perfect match with our exclusive Motor Car Enthusiast’s and Cigar Aficionado audience for years to come.”

​” They are building designers and fabricators with more than 30 years of experience designing and fabricating structures around cars and those who enjoy their selected premium cigars.

It made sense for us to combine these two passions while creating a unique, modern, cool spaces to enjoy a premium cigar while the rolling works of art can be displayed. ​

​They also incorporate powder-coated, steel i-5 Frame System, along with our innovative exterior modern, aluminum, steel, carbon, zinc and wood cladding ​to give your garage the cool aesthetic that sets your building apart.

Add the designer interior packages with cabinetry, decorative wall panel options, custom artwork, cigar accessories and graphics to make this space unique for you and you alone.

Their garage packages are created by experienced and driven designers whose only goal is to create the perfect space for your automotive and cigar passion existence”

About Victor B. Cohen

About Victor B. Cohen

Since my childhood, I have always had a deep passion for Motor Cars. This passion has led to the development of a Private Members Only Group for Motor Car Enthusiast and later in life I turned the personal hobby of Cigars into developing my very own Global Premium Boutique Cigar Brand called VBC Cigars.